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Lesson Plans

Welcome to the B&O Railroad Museum’s teacher resource center’s lesson plans. Each plan includes an explanation of how to use the plan and how it fits into the curriculum standards. They are designed to enable the teacher to use as much of the plan as they deem appropriate for their students. They focus on a wide range of topics, from the earliest days of railroading when trains were pulled by horses to more modern times and contemporary issues.

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Click Downloadable Lesson Plans for the pdf version of each plan below.

The First Stone placed at the start of the first 13 miles of track.
African-Americans and the Railroad
Toll House
The Civil War and the B&O Railroad
Building the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Hall of Fame
Moving Freight before the railroad
Labor/Management Negotiation: A Simulation Activity
Freight by Rail
The Strike of 1877
Ruts, Mud, Bumps and Bruises: Travel before the Railroad
Women and the Railroads
ALL ABOARD!: Traveling by Railroad!
Let’s Find Out: Whose Been Workin’ On The Railroad?
Locomotion: From the Horse to the Iron Horse
Railroad at War: The B&O and World War II
Ellicott City Station: The Oldest Railroad Station in America!

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